Take adventage of Sun Light.

Sun Gaze

– Better sleep and regeneration (Melatonin)

– More energy and motivation (Dopamine)

– Higher overall life satisfaction (Serotonin)

– Reduced eye pain (Melanopsin)

– Increased immunology (D3 vitamin)

– Body composition and sport performance (Testosterone, Progesterone)

Sun Gaze -

Sun Gaze is your personal guide to increase your natural potential by improving your neuro-chemistry and hormonal balance. 

This app is based on discovery awarded with Noble prize from 2017. 

According to this discovery our body all of our body functions are synchronized with circadian rhythm and the most important factor for this synchronisation is light.

Sun Gaze will tell you how to get maximum benefits from sun light and when to block junk light on your geo-location.

Proper Sun Synchronization Health Benefits

Melanopsin, neuropsine

Aproppiate function of this light-dependent receptors is required for proper melatonin production. That is why regeneration is the key.

Testosterone and Progesterone

Proper production of these hormones results with improved body composition and sport performance.


Melatonin is the most powerful antioxidant. It makes you sleep and regenerate better. Production of this hormon is strongly related with natural and artificial light exposure.

Serotonine Dopamine

Exposure for sun UV-B from sunlight produces dopamine and serotonin - hormones responsible for action, motivation, happiness and well-being.

Vitamin D3

Exposure for UV-B light is critical for vitamin D3 cration and high D3 level is key for proper function your immune system to avoid illness.

Experts Opinions

I strongly believe that the light that reaches the eyes and skin has a huge impact on our health. The Sun-Gaze application allows me to plan strategic hours of exposure to the sun and reminds me when to put on glasses blocking blue light so I don't have to think about it myself."
Light has tremendous power that can greatly affect our health. It is very important to catch as much natural light as possible during the day and avoid artificial in the evenings. Thanks to such simple rules, you can greatly affect your health. I am glad that Sun Gaze will facilitate this challenge, which is environmental hygiene in the 21st century.
I work a lot in front of a computer, which is why I particularly value Sun-Gaze application, because thanks to it I can plan breaks during which I expose myself to natural light and my sleep is much better."

Inspired by knowledge of experts

Light synchronisation is a subject that reaches more and more people.

From blue light blocking screens, protective glasses to environmental advices from dietritians and other experts.

Sun Gaze Articles

The hormone production and regeneration phase.

During sunrise, the sun emits only infrared (IR) and visible light (VIS). This is the time when the blue and UV light receptors - melanopsin and neuropsin regenerate, which is very important because they need to be regenerated for melatonin to be effectively produced when UV-A appears.

In addition, when the sun emits IR + VIS, hormones such as testosterone or progesterone are produced, which is why morning is so important for our health.

VIS + IR is present between 6 and 10 am depending on the latitude in which we live.

Melatonin production phase.

When the sun rises higher and higher (here we will give accurate info on the height of the sun) UV-A begins to reach the ground, thanks to which we produce melatonin - a hormone responsible for repairing the entire body, including the brain during sleep. It is the strongest antioxidant in our body and is essential if we want to enjoy long-term health.

UV-A also produces nitric oxide in the blood vessels, which causes a reduction in pressure. People with hypertension should especially take care to expose the highest percentage of skin to UV-A.

Production phase of vit. D3, dopamine and serotonin.

When the sun rises high enough to the ground also UV-B begins to reach, thanks to which it is possible to produce salutary vitamin D3. The higher the level of this vitamin, the lower the chance of developing any disease.

UV-B also produces dopamine and serotonin - hormones responsible for willingness to act, motivation as well as happiness and well-being. Without a proper level of dopamine and serotonin, we are like a zoombie - without the will to live and everything is indifferent to us.

Phase of regeneration and preparation for sleep.

When the sun begins to set, the UV does not reach the earth, thanks to which the blue and UV light receptors - melanopsin and neuropsin can regenerate to the next melatonin production cycle the next day.

When after sunset the artificial light reaches us - the stress hormone does not decrease, melatonin does not release and our body thinks it is still day. Then, chaos is created at the cellular level, i.e. inflammation. If the inflammation lasts for months or even years, it may lead to faster development of civilization diseases or even cancer.

Therefore, after sunset, it is worth protecting yourself using glasses blocking blue light to restore the natural cycle of cortisol and melatonin, our sleep and regeneration are much better and we are finally healthier.

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